MZ-700 demos

Is there such a thing as an MZ demoscene?
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Re: MZ-700 demos

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hello, itested the demos on my emu and maped the beeper to general medi its fantastic.

Gratulations to that wortk ..
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Re: MZ-700 demos

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Sdw wrote: Mon Jul 13, 2020 1:14 pm It's interesting that you machine is stable at 83 cycles, I get stable no-bug at 82, but flickering bugs at 83 already.
My assumption is because I had a CMOS Z80@20MHz plugged instead of the original Z80. I kinda think the clock edge rising/falling are so fast that they could allow one cycle more. So I would say a genuine PAL MZ-700 as yours may have 82 cycles as max. I need to fix EmuZ-700 for both PAL and NTSC again. 82 for PAL and probably 62 for NTSC.
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