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TAPE COPY for MZ-80K/C Documentation

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:52 pm
by TextAdventureKing
Before we start, yes I'm back again, I've been on and off with my MZ-80K and i've decided to turn it on again and come back. I wanted to make a backup of my BASIC and used this program so I'm gonna make documentation for you all! :D

TAPE COPY is a 1.3KB program for MZ-80K/C computers. It has no documentation so I am writing some.

!-MNTR - Go back to Monitor (e.g Monitor SP-1002)
R-READ - Reads the tape in the tape drive and saves it into memory
M-MODIFY - Modify program data (probably the header as I haven't used this)
V-VERIFY - Verifies the tape's data, useful after writing
W-WRITE - Write the program in memory to the tape after using reading.

What I do is put the tape I want to copy in my drive and then READ it and then switch to the tape I want to copy it to and WRITE to it and after I finish writing, I VERIFY it to make sure that it wrote the program correctly and after that I press SHIFT+1 to go back into the monitor.

Re: TAPE COPY for MZ-80K/C Documentation

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:00 pm
by TeeJay
Is this comment referencing the program "tapecopy22" in the download area of this website?

If it is, then the program description is " (MZ-80K, MZ-80C) A tape copy utility ( version 2.2 ). No documentation is available." If appropriate it would be helpful if that section could reference here or if the dots could be joined up in some other way. (Say add documentation based upon this comment to the download area.)