MZ-800 Unicard help

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MZ-800 Unicard help

Post by arnuphis »

Hi, so my Unicard arrived for my MZ-800. I am a bit new to all this so looking for an idiots guide to getting the best of it. I looked online for instructions but they are a bit lacking.

Got dsk images down. It now boots happily into basic. But I am trying to work with other image types and am having some issues.

1) How do you use games that have multiple .mzf files? You can run one from the menu but I don't see a way of running others once the first one runs.
2) How do you set the RTC? Is it via ethernet or USB?

As always, thanks in advance.
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Re: MZ-800 Unicard help

Post by hlide »

I fear I cannot tell more about. The usage I have for Unicard is a little limited (no RTC, no ethernet - everything through SD). What you want looks like a tape queue where you queue the MZF files in the wanted order (that's a thing we can find in MiSTer SharpMZ of P. Smart). I'm not sure whether Unicard has such a facility.
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