MZ-1E14 replica

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Re: MZ-1E14 replica

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Since you have an MZ-1500, can you tell me how the QD management ROM is distributed? ($E800 -> $F800 ?)
On the 1E14, the ROM goes from $E800 to $EFFF and we lose 2048 bytes which we can use to add the writing functions.
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Re: MZ-1E14 replica

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The link I gave you has the disassembly with address label lXXXX. I don't know more about. It sounds as if it can handle Floppy Disk AND Quick Disk the same way as MZ-800. The main difference would be around dealing with specific MZ-1500 hardware (palette, pcg, etc.)

So ROM is IPL (2KB) + GCROM (4KB) + EXT (6KB)
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