Different DOS Versions for MZ80K

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Different DOS Versions for MZ80K

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... after having re-capped my beloved -K- again i wonder about the different FDOS/QDOS Versions i have and how to generate/copy them.
I have original master discs which behave as expected.
I have some SUC discs which contents i can only access if i boot one of them. Label says "QDOS" and the BASIC which comes up is the only one capable of reading these discs, accessing them with the normal master shows empty content.
One of these discs contains "supercopy 1" and "2" ... but shown as BTX files and not usable on my -k-
Aaaaand i have a handful of discs which boot up in a "selector", i can choose with the arrow keys what program to start.

I received the FDs after my "main usage days" ... and i can rarely find any infos about these different FD OS.
Can anybody please enlight me ? :D

I have some -k- and some -A- units, maybe this supercopy is for the -A- but on the wrong media ? AFAIK i need to transfer files between these machines by tape or is a FD converter available ?
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