MZ700 Joystick solutions

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MZ700 Joystick solutions

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OK if you missed the news I developed a joystick adapter that allows you to use atari/sega 9pin joysticks/joypads as long as you have 2 independent fire buttons wired on pins 6 and 9 (sega genesis/megadrive). I'm selling said adapter with an option to buy a controller too: ... er-without

99% of games work with this digital type solution. I made a github repo so you can get the games here > ... tick_games

In fact, I found 1 game that works using my adapter but fails to work with the original analog joystick.

I've also been modifying old basic games to include joystick support to increase the number of games that support the joystick.

My adapter is different as it works with the existing joystick games without modifying the game code.

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