MZ-80 A/B Screen cleaning

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MZ-80 A/B Screen cleaning

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Just a quick question on the plastic screen filter on the MZ-80B and MZ-80A. How is that held in place? There is some debris behind mine and I want to clean it out. Rather than unscrew the CRT and go in that way has anyone removed the plastic screen filter to do it? Is it glued in? I was thinking of using a suction cup to pull it off and then maybe gently warming the glue before putting it back on. Assuming that is how its fixed in.
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Re: MZ-80 A/B Screen cleaning

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I'm not sure about the 80B but the 80A plastic screen has a couple of catches at the top (and I think at the bottom too), gently pressing down on the catches at the top means you can unhook the plastic and remove it. That's how I've cleaned mine in the past.
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