MicroTech CP/M and Sharp F-DOS

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MicroTech CP/M and Sharp F-DOS

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Havent posted in a while, but seen a lot of posts wanting the same as myself, MicroTech CP/M for the Sharp MZ-80A.

I eventually obtained it along with Sharp F-DOS and have posted the manuals and disks on my website, https://eaw.app/microtechCPM and https://eaw.app/fdos - F-DOS is a comprehensive development environment with assemblers, compilers etc.

You will need a floppy drive/emulator and using the Kuma 40/80 column modification, makes the MZ-80A much more useable.

Anyone know about the MZ-80A Winchester drive? On one disk there are utilities to initialise, format and prepare a Winchester drive, would be good to find the schematics!
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