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Re: Gotek drive emulator

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I can report, MZ800 + QD lower plate + Gotek (FlashFloppy 3.41 QD firmware) is working well. Can format and transfer programs from tape to included QD (unformatted) image. Using premastered adapter (at last 2 versions existing atm - seems relatively common adapter to convert old synthesisers from QD to Gotek) to avoid manual re-wiring each time I need to connect/disconnect my Gotek.

Still, is there any way to create or at last read / list content of those QF files in some modern computer (OSX, Linux, Dos, Win..) ?

If emulating floppy: what adapter cards I need to have for MZ800 (and where to get replicas) to connect Gotek as 5 1/2" floppy?
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