MZ-3500 PSU connector / video port connector

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MZ-3500 PSU connector / video port connector

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I have here an MZ-3501 without keyboard and no power supply. Via the service manual I not the signal / voltage the PSU are offering (GND, +5,+12-12,ALARM). But the board connector assignment is not documented. Via a multimetier I got some of the signal assignments.

2 1
4 3
6 5
8 7

3/4 --- +5V/VCC
6/8/7 -- GND
I found 2 1 on the disk/extension board but it goes only to the connectors. Did someone know the pin assignment ? Did someone now the connector typ? Seems 2x molex disk plug will work. Did someonw know the AMPs per Voltage? Did someone now the Display port signal assignments ?

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