cp/m-expert(s) wanted

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cp/m-expert(s) wanted

Post by Jo Even »

I have just copied the cp/m pages from the original sharpmz.org to the new site. This stuff really needs an overhaul, are there any cp/m-experts out there who would like to take a look or even update these pages?

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Re: cp/m-expert(s) wanted

Post by mz-80a »

I wish I knew more about what it is really for. I've never used it and have always been happy with how my MZ functioned without it.
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Re: cp/m-expert(s) wanted

Post by tingo »

It would be interesting to try it on my MZ-721. But currently it doesn't have a disk drive. So first I would need to get a disk drive (or some emulator for a disk drive) working on that machine. Any hints?
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Re: cp/m-expert(s) wanted

Post by Sharpals »

mm whats the question ?

If you want add bigger ramfiles than 64K, you nedd special patched BDOS-Driver and patch your SETUP.COM.

I have never seen the original PCP/M from sharp witch was patched.

But 3.th party CP/M ...
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