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Hello MZ friends,
is there a problem at Works only FORUM section, other sections are not available (download...)
Jo Even
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Re: - problems

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A table in the database was corrupted. Fortunately it was easy to fix once the problem was found, so it was not necessary to restore a backup.

Btw we have daily backups of both the site and forum databases, so in worst case a day of work/posts will be lost if something happens.
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Re: - problems

Post by fitus »

Well done
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Re: - problems

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I was using duck duck go to search for some sharp related things and something in the result caught my eye, so to speak...
I didn't find any clickable anchors when I was verifying, but the site is littered with links to a "blog" about a certain bodily activity.

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<a href="" style="position:absolute; left:-4095px; top:0"></a>
Not judging but I am pretty sure that activity and and my sharp are harmful for either or both parties involved ;)

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Re: - problems

Post by hlide »

Good observation. This one is lurking outside the page. What would be the purpose? Hoping to be scooted in the top of Google pages with "fisting" key? well that's not the best place... I really doubt there is a big activity on SHARP MZ pages...
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