MZ Collection - Sharpie Dutch magazine

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MZ Collection - Sharpie Dutch magazine

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Just scanned one of the Dutch Sharpie magazines in my collection. I have a few more and they are pretty easy to scan so I will scan all of them eventually.
It is from a local usergroup in the Netherlands that was pretty popular end of the 80's once a bunch of Sharp MZ-700's and 800's were being dumped by a budget store 'kwantum hallen' currently called kwantum.
Because there was not much software, documentation and hardware available in the usual computer stores the usergroups were very helpful in getting more out of the MZ computers.
Sharpie was usually an easy read without too much technical details. In the magazine I now scanned from 1994 they mentioned no Sharp computers were available during the meetings and I think they were starting to move to MS-DOS/Windows 3.1.

Language is Dutch

Seems to me after all those years and the association abolished the documentation is public domain. Still, if anyone believes there are 'copyrights' violated after all this time let me know.
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