TAPE COPY for MZ-80K/C Documentation

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TAPE COPY for MZ-80K/C Documentation

Post by TextAdventureKing » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:52 pm

Before we start, yes I'm back again, I've been on and off with my MZ-80K and i've decided to turn it on again and come back. I wanted to make a backup of my BASIC and used this program so I'm gonna make documentation for you all! :D

TAPE COPY is a 1.3KB program for MZ-80K/C computers. It has no documentation so I am writing some.

!-MNTR - Go back to Monitor (e.g Monitor SP-1002)
R-READ - Reads the tape in the tape drive and saves it into memory
M-MODIFY - Modify program data (probably the header as I haven't used this)
V-VERIFY - Verifies the tape's data, useful after writing
W-WRITE - Write the program in memory to the tape after using reading.

What I do is put the tape I want to copy in my drive and then READ it and then switch to the tape I want to copy it to and WRITE to it and after I finish writing, I VERIFY it to make sure that it wrote the program correctly and after that I press SHIFT+1 to go back into the monitor.
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