Music for Sharp MZ-700 games

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Music for Sharp MZ-700 games

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Hello all

I am the creator of and I signed up here to write this post: is a free service for musicians and indie gamedevs. Musicians get to put their tracks on display for indie gamedevs to listen to and request to use in their games.

Recently a new "filetype" was added to the site called "chip", and 10 of my own tracks was uploaded in the process. More to come later.

14 tags were added to mark which platforms each chip tune is usable for. My own 10 tracks are available as AKS files (Arkos Tracker 2), which should be usable on Sharp MZ-700 (among others).

So if you're creating a game, and need music for it, you can find some at now. Simply mark the tag "Compatible with Sharp MZ-700" in the search form.
Tracks at are usually completely free of charge to use - if your game is also free of charge.

And if you're a musician doing music for the Sharp MZ-700 - or another retro platform, go ahead and put your tracks on display for other indie gamedevs to benefit from.

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