Lots of disk images

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Lots of disk images

Post by stefano »

I think you'd be interested in knowing that lots of stuff has been recently uploaded to "archive.org".
I could find somewhere the Personal CP/M for MZ-2500 as well as the CP/M 2.2 for the X1, etc..

In example the CP/M for the X1, together with some S-OS implementation (and tons of games) is in a TOSEC archive:
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Re: Lots of disk images

Post by Jo Even »

This archive seems to have disappeared. Does anybody know where it can be found, or maybe someone has downloaded it? I would like to add it to the sharpmz.org website.
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Re: Lots of disk images

Post by hlide »

I could find for SHARP X1 but nothing for SHARP MZ:

https://archive.org/details/Neo_Kobe_Sh ... 2016-02-25
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Re: Lots of disk images

Post by yga »

In case anyone is looking for it, I have an MZ80B in working condition (at least last time I chacked, about two years ago) with a printer, double 5-inch disk drives, and some floppies. I think these floppies have CP/M 2.2, Wordstar, CalcStar or something similar.

Currently all this is in a storage because I am moving from one country to another, but in about a year I will unpack my storage and check the MZ80B again.

Ysbrand Galama.
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